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Certified Biddy Tarot Reader Jeff did a wonderful reading that managed to reveal some things that I was trying hard to keep bottled up inside. His Tarot reading was very insightful and sensitive. He's a good reader and I will come back to him for help. I am a reader myself and I would like to think I know what I'm talking about. :) ~ Cristina All readings will consist of email correspondences in which you have presented the question and I will return an answer to you promptly. I will include a photo of the actual cards that I draw in the spread I use. I will choose the Tarot deck that I feel best symbolizes the scenario and energies present in the question. However, if you would like a specific deck to be used, if I have that deck, I will use it. Once the reading has been received, you will have the opportunity to ask me follow-up questions or clarifications related to the cards and reading.

My goal is to empower you to make positive changes and decisions in your life that will create happiness, wholeness, and balance. You will be reminded of the areas in which you can exercise your free-will to take control of your life and create the reality you desire. It is important that you formulate a carefully considered question because the clearer you are, the stronger our energy will be, and the more beneficial the reading will be. Providing more than a predictive reading, you will get insight as to choices you can make and the possibilities of going down certain paths. Your future is fluid and dynamic. Your choices shape your future, so having a solid course of action is a very powerful thing!


Full Reading - $60.00
A Full Reading goes more in depth into your question. Together we will discover not only the interpretations of the reading itself, but explore insights and recommendations as to how you should approach the situation moving forward. You will be given a closer look at energies and people surrounding your situation. You will better be able to see your own motivations and feelings behind the question. The reading is NOT a set number of cards and it is NOT based on a particular spread. Many times, the most common spreads either give too much or too little information about your question. The amount of cards isn't always the most important thing. It is the quality of the card positions based on the question that makes a good spread. For this reason, I choose a custom spread just for you based specifically on your question. I focus my intent and energy into the custom-made positions in order to get the best and most precise answer to your question.

Life Reading - $120.00 Jeff was spot on with the two main concerns in my life at the moment, both with the situations as they are and with how best to move forward. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a clear, honest and insightful reading, delivered in a positive way. I will be consulting him again in the future without a doubt. ~ Nina
A Life Reading is like a Full Reading, but allows up to three questions. These questions will be considered together and not as separate readings. For instance, you might have questions about your career, finances, and love life as they cross over into one another. Our lives aren't cut and dry. We rarely leave our work problems at work. We rarely leave the issues in our love lives at home. We rarely talk about our finances openly and honestly with ourselves and to others who need to know. The Life Reading will help you to understand how the separate areas of your life affect and influence others. One part of your life that you are struggling in may be actually caused by a seemingly unrelated situation going on elsewhere around you. You might even be unaware of this until the Tarot reveals it to you.

Like a Full Reading, a Life Reading goes in depth into the three questions. We explore energies and interactions surrounding the questions. You will be able to better understand emotions and feelings at the core of the direction your life is headed.

Like the Full Reading, the Life Reading is NOT a set number of cards and it is NOT based on a particular spread. It is likely that I will use additional clarifying cards in a Life Reading to bring the reading into a more meaningful and transparent place for you. I choose a custom spread just for you based specifically on your three questions. I focus my intent and energy into the custom-made positions in order to get the best and most relevant insights surrounding your questions.

Three-Card Reading - $30.00
A Three-Card reading covers the immediate issues surrounding the question and provides guidance upon a suggested course of action to take in order to achieve the results you want. This is a great reading for day-to-day decisions in which you do not need to explore in-depth emotions, feelings, past experiences, etc. This reading is not geared so much around introspection, self-help, and personal growth, but will address the common dilemmas and challenges we encounter in life, where we need some assistance and direction from the Universe.

One-Card Reading - $8.00
The One-Card reading is basically a yes or no answer with some additional thoughts on why you should or should not pursue a particular path.

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