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Do you ever want to have a little help making the right decisions through some of life's challenges? Have you ever wished you could have more insight around the situation in which you find yourself? Do you have a desire, or are you willing, to look within yourself, exposing the "real you" in order to become the best person you can be? If so, the Tarot is here to help!

Certified Biddy Tarot Reader

Why would I want a Tarot reading?

Many who consult with the Tarot regularly find that they become more in tune with themselves and others. They become stronger individuals because they are able to work on those areas of our lives that are sometimes hidden through self-deception or a lack of self-awareness.

Sincere guidance, care, and thought was put into my reading. I truly appreciate that my reading gave the outcome of multiple decisions in my current situation. Jeff's reading was perfectly sensitive to my needs. ~ Brittany

How does Tarot work?

"The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicit characteristics of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realisation of the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all."
~ Arthur Edward Waite

"Synchronicity is a theory to explain meaningful coincidences. Finding meaning in a seemingly random act of pulling cards is the basis of Tarot."
~ Johanne Blanchard

In my opinion, there are no meaningless coincidences. There is a greater Intelligence at work in the Universe that takes seemingly unrelated (acausal) events and creates meaning from them. Known by many names - God, the Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. - there is a force beyond our normal sense of awareness that moves and works in dialogue with our will to create wholeness and balance in our lives, inasmuch as we allow it. Tarot is synchronicity in action. The cards are drawn with intention and intuition toward this Universal Presence or Consciousness, which makes the order far from random. The cards fall where they are intended to fall in order to help answer your question or meet your need. As Judith Laura so aptly writes, "Tarot helps us contact the spiritual dimension of the Universe...Tarot gives us a common language with which to communicate with that dimension."

How accurate is Tarot?

"The man who promises everything is sure to fulfil nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in danger of using evil means in order to carry out his promises, and is already on the road to perdition."
~ Carl Jung

In a perfect world, Tarot is 100% accurate. We humans definitely are not. As stated before, intention and intuition play a big part in how Tarot works. The professionalism, natural abilities, and acquired skills of the reader will have a marked influence on the accuracy the reading. Generally speaking, a reader who is scattered and prone to frequent interruptions is less likely to be able to deliver the best results from a reading than someone who is focused and task-oriented. Likewise, someone who desires a reading whose intent is slanted towards a certain outcome is less likely to ask the most useful question, or get the most help from the reading.

The anatomy of a question.

Forming the right question is of immense importance when requesting a reading. The question asked to the Tarot is based on the understanding of it by both the reader and querent. You must be clear about what event/situation of your life you are wanting gain wisdom and must relate that to the reader in the form of a question. Unless the reader is psychic, they can't read your mind (and even then they might not be able to understand what you really want to ask). Jeff was very fast getting back to me and very professional. The reading really helped me to see things in my life that I've been trying to avoid. Thank you Jeff for a very insightful reading. ~ Lisa "What is going on in my love life?" This question is very vague and could literally mean any number of things to the querent and reader. This is generally not a good question. "What can I do to make Julie more attracted to me?" is a much better question. The reader understands your desires and what area(s) you wish to focus on during the reading.

I also don't like time-based readings because my world view allows for the exercise of will and volition. If you ask a time based question, keep it broad. For example: "Will I get a new job in the next six months?" is better than "Will I have a new job by the 6th of next month?"

Yes and no questions have their place, but again, the appearance of choice plays a part in these questions. The best you can reasonably hope for is an answer of "Yes, provided the situation remains exactly as it is right now, with no one influencing it or throwing the energies into another direction."

Asking about someone else is generally not good for you and could be considered unethical. It's kind of like spying on someone. Keep your question focused on yourself and the things you can do to create the reality you want. There are cases when you might want to ask about someone where it does affect you. Asking if your husband is cheating on you is different than asking how your husband feels about his mistress. One deals directly with your emotions and life while the other deals with his emotions and his life.

I have just read my reading from you and am blown away by your accuracy. I am not kidding, you've hit the nail on the head in so many ways, it's scary and I shed A LOT of tears. I can totally see where everything is coming from and how I have contributed to the problems. The clarity of your reading has helped me make better decisions to improve my relationship, so there is a better chance of a happier future together for us. I will definitely use your services again. Thank you again! This has meant the world to me, more than you know. ~ Melanie

The following are lists of good and bad questions:



About the reader:

Certified Biddy Tarot Reader Jeff is a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader from the Southern Appalachians in Tennessee. Growing up in the mountains, he feels a close connection to the environment around him. He draws from his life experiences, both positive and negative, to help the querent find the answers they seek. He has a synchronistic view of how the cards communicate. There are no accidents. There is a purpose behind all events that happen in life. The cards fall in the way the Universe intends in order to supply the answers needed. Sometimes, however, we don't want to hear the answer, or the real issue the Universe wants us to deal with may not be the original question.

He is not a psychic, but is an empath and intuitive. His view of Tarot is that it allows us to synchronistically communicate with the Universe and our Spirit Guides as they help us on our journey, giving us guidance in becoming the best versions of ourselves we can become.

Jeff has the ability to not only interpret the meaning of the cards, but to apply them in a way that is accurate and meaningful to the situation or question asked. This, coupled with his gentle humour and insight, makes this one of the most enjoyable and helpful readings I have ever experienced! One word - WOW! Thank you Jeff! ~ Danielle

Ethical boundaries:

I do not read directly on medical diagnoses (that is for your doctor and you to discuss) or legal decisions (that is for you and your lawyer to handle). I also do not read on other people without their consent, if the question does not pertain directly to you and your situation. I will, however, address any questions around these topics that are directly related to you and what challenges you might be facing or blessings you might be enjoying in the near future.

Any information you share is kept in the strictest confidence and will never, ever be discussed outside of our personal correspondence. You are entitled to the utmost privacy and anonymity concerning anything you wish to share for the benefit of understanding your situation and circumstances in the reading.



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